Haridheepsai Kitchen Innovations is a boutique kitchen innovations firm mainly focusing on equipment service and AMCs. Rather than offering default strategies, shallow lip service and Band-Aid solutions for dealing with problems, we delve deep to understand our clients and their needs so that we can tailor our approach and offer a cost-effective plan of action.


  • Comprehensive Maintenance

    We will take care of spares and Onsite labour for continuous monitoring.
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  • Non Comprehensive Maintenance

    All-inclusive regular services to keep your appliances running effectively and efficiently..
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  • Breakdown Maintenance

    Dedicated team professionals to solve wide variety of problems.
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  • Spares and Supplies

    on-site engineers carry all the necessary spares based on an initial-analysis of the reported problem and this ensures minimal downtime.
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  • Installation Solutions

    We ensure that your equipment is installed and configured to your precise needs and gels well with the operational workflow of your commercial kitchen.
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  • Planning and Consultancy

    We provide comprehensive blueprints of the mechanical, HVAC, electrical and plumbing aspects in the requisite formats to your contractor.
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  • Equipment Refurbishment

    Equipment that cannot be economically refurbished is properly recycled, thereby helping you achieve your ‘green’ targets as well.
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  • Other Services

    We ensure that customized equipment designed fit precisely in your kitchen by avoiding any costly demolitions or structural rework.
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