Guaranteeing Peace of Mind!


Haridheepsai Kitchen Innovations is a boutique kitchen innovations firm mainly focusing on equipment service and AMCs.

Rather than offering default strategies, shallow lip service and Band-Aid solutions for dealing with problems, we delve deep to understand our clients and their needs so that we can tailor our approach and offer a cost-effective plan of action.

Our strength lies in our demonstrated capabilities, cross-functional teams and our ready willingness to walk the extra mile for our customers and help you operate with peak safety and efficiency.

We focus on optimizing the performance of your commercial catering equipment and minimize long term costs.

With our technology-driven performance model for preventive maintenance, AMCs and service offerings, we ensure that any deterioration is noticed at the earliest, there by preventing expensive repairs and replacements.

We also offer consultancy, engineering and turn-key solutions amongst others, based on client needs.

With such end to end capabilities, we thus deliver results that are commercially effective, purposeful and ergonomic, thereby giving you the best business edge.